What Is Lean Construction?

Topics: Toyota Production System, Lean manufacturing, Taiichi Ohno Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: October 27, 2010
Lean construction is an efficient way to design production system in order to eliminate the waste of material, time and bring more value to the project. The article used the example of Toyota production system to explain the lean construction. The engineer Taiichi Ohno’s pursuit of perfection and his redesigned production process reduced the cost and improved the value of the new production system. The article compares the lean construction with current practice in Toyota. As the result they have different concepts. The lean construction has two important concepts: Works structuring and production control. Works structuring means decisions about how the project will be broken into pieces and how the work in each piece will be coordinated with others. Works structuring requires that some of those decisions have to be made far earlier than traditional modal. Production control includes production planning, material coordination, workload control, work order release, and production unit control. As the article showed that there are four factors cause the difference between Lean construction and current construction: “1) Lean construction has a clear set of objectives for the delivery process, 2) is aimed at maximizing performance at the project level, 3) designs concurrently product and process, and 4) applies production control throughout the life of the project.” Conclude these factors; unlike current construction practice, lean construction pays more attention to creating the value and flows to customer. At the last two pages of the article author talked about the resistances and challenge of lean construction. The resistances include difficult implementation of lean construction and conflict with current principles. The challenge is form traditional organization structure – hierarchical organization. Lean construction decentralizes decisions that may weaken top management, so it also requires commitment by managers and all employees in the company. In...
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