What Is Leadership

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What is Leadership?

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1Leadership according to us1

Leadership according to us

Leadership is a rather large topic to describe, which means that it will have many meanings depending on different factors like context and person. There is plenitude of definitions on leadership, out of which not a single one can be considered the best. Grint (2010) allocated four main types of leadership definitions: leadership (1) as position, (2) as person, (3) as result and (4) as process. (1) Position-based definitions relate leadership to a particular position in an organization, referring to the hierarchical links among different levels. (2) Person-based definitions discuss character and personal traits of those who are considered leaders. (3) Definitions on result basis deal with primary purpose of leadership, and that is company’s economic performance. (4) Process based leadership provides answer to the question how leaders act and what distinguishes such behaviour from non-leaders (Grint, K., 2010). However, we view leadership as the practice in which the leader knows why, how and when a certain procedure needs to be done in order to manage and maintain the place he/she holds responsible in order to grow and reach desired organizational goals. The leader would then need the necessary knowledge concerning the business he/she is involved in order to do so. Leadership in our opinion also involves creating a mutual agreement between leader and team members concerning important decision making, which would involve meetings and discussions. In such meetings there might occur conflicts which is something that a leader should be able to handle effectively by the means of either contingency theories or mid-range theories (Nohria. N & Khurana. B, 2010). Moreover, in order to define leadership, we need to distinguish between terms “leader” and “manager”, as these are sometimes not understood correctly. You can be an outstanding...

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