What Is Interaction Design

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Interaction Design
Christophe De Pelsemaker
3BA - Grafische Vormgeving Sint-Lukas Brussel 2011-2012

What is interaction design? Designers My principles of (interaction) design Sources Tamer Nakisci Namahn

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What is interaction design?
Interaction design is the structure and behavior of interactive systems. Designers working with interaction design try to create relationships between people, products and the services they use. Not only speaking from computers, mobile devices, applications and beyond, but interaction also happens from user to user and from machine to machine. The core of interactive design is to embed information into the social complexities of the physical world. Interaction doesn’t always apply to electronic devices, it also occurs between organizations, and as mentioned earlier, it can also happen between machines. Interaction design applies to everything. People have been interacting with each other for as long as the human race exists. Interaction design is everywhere. This means that interaction design is an art of integrating interactions between humans through products (devices), and not only from human to human but from human to machine or from machine to machine. Since all the mediums we use are always progressing, the interaction design has to follow these progression. We are now living in the digital era, the internet is everywhere and is integrated in every aspect of our lives. Interactive design has to have a positive effect on us, so when designing things we ought to pay attention to everything. The user should feel comfortable when using a device, if not, the user will have negative emotions about this product and those emotions will be the reason why that specific device won’t be used twice. The designer should ask himself “Will this design affect people’s lives in a positive way?”. At the end, the goal of interactive design is to make us more connected to each other.

Tamer Nakisci This young Turkish interaction designer has a very specific way of thinking about design and especially the products. He says that every object has to have a soul, without a soul it can’t live. A designer must give some of his soul to that design object. People will touch it, use it and the object must touch those people too. They have to feel the soul of the designer in the object. Tamer says this is his best motivation to work hard. He calls himself an ambitious and enthusiastic designer which he makes clear in an interview where he states that when he isn’t designing, there is always a thought that strikes him; the thought that some designer in some country is about to develop ‘the greatest idea ever’ while he is wasting his time. He gets his inspiration from magazines and books, but the most important inspiration source is the world. He observes a lot, every little detail of life and nature. In one second, he realizes something that nobody else has seen before. Human emotion is the first thing where Tamer thinks about when he starts a new product. Most of the time, the product idea springs from these emotional ideas. This is what Tamer calls ‘the soul of the product’. He tries to evoke the emotions of the user, he tries to surprise them. Tamer always tries to put something new into the product, whether it is a special form or something that hasn’t been done before. He isn’t just making pretty objects. All his objects have a reason to exist. The Nokia 888 is probably Tamer’s most know product. In 2005 he won the Nokia Benelux Design Awards with his concept. The mobile phone is used to communicate, to talk to someone, to a person. They are ‘connecting people’ which is a very basic human need. With this thought, Tamer came to the following conclusion: the phone should adapt to the user. It should provide us with new ways of communicating. The Nokia 888 offers a high usability and flexibility in function. He designed the phone in this way that you can...
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