What Is Instructional Media

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Teaching Portfolio Presentation Enhancing Technology What is Instructional Media? Instructional media encompasses all the materials and physical means an instructor might use to implement instruction and facilitate students' achievement of instructional objectives. This may include traditional materials such as chalkboards, handouts, charts, slides, overheads, real objects, and videotape or film, as well newer materials and methods such as computers, DVDs, CD-ROMs, the Internet, and interactive video conferencing. Why Use Instructional Media? A good aid is like a window, it should not call attention to itself, it should just let in the light.

In general, you should use media whenever, in your best judgment, it can facilitate learning or increase understanding of your material. Of course, communicating to facilitate learning can be a challenging process, often requiring creative efforts to achieve a variety of implicit instructional goals (University of Saskatchewan, n.d.). Among the implicit goals that media can help achieve are the following:

attracting attention developing interest adjusting the learning climate promoting acceptance (of an idea)

Steps in the Implementation of Instructional Media One you conclude that using instructional media will help you achieve

your explicit and/or implicit goals, it is useful to apply the basic steps in the instructional development process to choose and apply the appropriate media. These basic steps are outlined below (St. Cloud State University, 1997):

Review instructional goals, objectives, audience and instructional strategy Determine the best medium for your lesson components Search for and review existing media/materials Adapt existing media/materials if necessary If new media/materials need to be developed: Determine format, script, visuals, etc. Draft materials and media Check for clarity and flow of ideas Conduct formative evaluation Implement/apply Evaluate/revise

Factors in Media Selection Step...
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