What is Hypnosis?
Topics: Hypnosis, Unconscious mind, Consciousness / Pages: 6 (2139 words) / Published: Oct 10th, 2014

“What is Hypnosis?” Describe the psychological and physical aspects of hypnosis and discuss the role of relaxation in Hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a powerful practice, yet at the same time it is a natural process and its techniques are neither inconceivable nor difficult. It can help you to change negative beliefs and to achieve your goals. It can treat emotional problems and improve a range of medical conditions. However no one person will experience hypnosis in the same way. This essay will explore the question of what hypnosis is and will look at the history of hypnosis and how it came to be what it is today. I will describe the psychological and physical aspects of hypnosis, looking at brain waves and how these work in aiding hypnosis. I will also consider the role that relaxation has in hypnotherapy.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is a completely natural therapy. Although the Greek word hypnos means sleep, a state of hypnosis is not the same as a state of sleep. Instead hypnotherapy is an altered state of awareness. A hypnotised person is fully awake and can interact with you, whereas someone who is asleep cannot react and there is an absence of conscious thought. Once both the mind and the body are deeply relaxed, then a state of hypnosis is induced. It can be likened to the state you experience before you go to sleep, or the many times when you drive somewhere familiar and arrive there without remembering parts of your journey. As everything that you have ever learnt is stored in your subconscious, when you are doing something familiar, such as driving, reading a book, watching television or even washing up, your conscious mind can drift away and allow your subconscious to take over. You can become completely engrossed in your thoughts and may do things automatically that you did not intend to do. For example, wash a dish you have not used or involuntarily drive towards your place of work, when you were actually, in fact, heading for

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