What Is Human

Topics: English-language films, Human, Humans Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Eng. 111
April 4th 2013

What is human?

In this story no one knows what is human because theirs this old man with a normal human body with very unexpected wings. One of the questions when I read this story was is this old man a human? . To begin with this old man has very strange wings. Another example is that the doctor is very shocked that he is still alive because he is very unhealthy. When Pelayo and Elisenda find this old man in there yard there were shocked and wasn’t sure what he was. Their neighbor assumes that he is a angel. The news spreads like wildfire in the town and no one was sure what he was. His wings throw everyone off. This is another example of what is human? He is a very old man with black wings. He looks very human but surrounded as if he had a disease. He has a very human reaction when people crowd him. A doctor examines him he is very shocked that a man so unhealthy is still alive. The doctor is also shocked on how natural his wings look. They are not sure if this man is a angel. Everyone in the town wants to see this old man with there own eyes. One of the main themes in this story is what is human? In the story they aren’t sure what this old man is if he is human or if he is something else. His wings throw off everyone so no one is sure. The old man is described in terms of his animal characteristics. The old man is treated not like a human. They think he is some sort of angel. They place him in the chicken coop and during the middle of the night their child’s fever breaks. Everyone in town was hearing about this “angel”. But still wasn’t sure if he was a angel because his wings were black. Towards the end of the story Pelayo and Elisenda don’t fear this old man anymore he becomes apart of their lives. Their child visits this old man very often. As he was living in the chicken coop it eventually breaks and they let this man stay in there house. This old man got sick very easily and is very frail. They feared that he was...
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