What Is Honduras Culture

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Cultured, as defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is “the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; also the characteristic features of everyday existence (such as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time.” In simpler words, the beliefs, social practices, and characteristics of a racial, religious, or social group. To me culture is like the sketch of how people from a group live by. If their culture says it is this way, it is that way for them. Nevertheless, culture is something you learn as you experience. There is no “Culture of Honduras for Dummies”; you have to experience it to be part of it and to learn it.
Culture has many characteristics. It is learnt,
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Of course, we have a culture. The only problem is, we do not see it, but it is hiding in plain sight. Honduras has a colorful and beautiful culture. In fact, there are multiple cultures in Honduras, the Garifuna, lenca, misquito, pech, tawahka, etc. There are so many that it is summarized as one, popular culture. Popular culture consists of various aspects. Literature, for example, can take us back to the polytheistic religion of the ancient Maya culture and their corn people with the Popol-Vuh. On the other hand, it can take us to the tragic love story of “El Vampiro” by Froylan Turcios. Apart from literature, you can dance “Punta” at the beach, the music of the Garifunas, or hear the day-to-day life of a banana seller with “El Bananero”. Alternatively, you can go eat a “baleada mixta” or some “chicharrones” down the street at the “trucha” and you might get lucky and find a “Sampedrano” (Pronounced Jampedrano) and a “Capitalino” arguing weather it should be called “Charamusca” or “Topogigio”. Or you may prefer to try a delicious shrimp cocktail as you watch the sun go down on the beautiful Bay Islands, as you gently sip on an ice cold “Copan Dry” or a “Salva Vida” (if you are an adult, of course). Moreover, if you want to stay in the city, you can go the cinema and watch the struggle of the indian chief “Lempira” against the cruel and heartless Spaniards, or the story of the Simon Bolivar of Central America, the respected general of the

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