What Is Good Person in Term as Ethic

Topics: Ethics, Thought, Human Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: September 8, 2013
What is good person in term as ethic?
To me, as well as many others the word “good person” conjures up the picture of a man help the old lady crosses the road. I think a good person must have basic values such as kindness and compassion; don’t harm to others. However, this is only my previous view. Now I have a deeper understanding for a good person when I learned applied ethic. Ethics are looking for the suitable respond when people faced choice. Freedom is to make a decision, but we can’t forget, we must be well aware of oneself decision: As we understand it, freedom is the opposite of "laissez-faire", in order not to laissez-faire, we can carefully consider the upcoming things to do. First, think, "Why am I doing this motivation: Command, habits, or their humanity? Second, think about why I have to obey orders, I can really wayward do you want to do? Overall, the behavior motivation can be orders, habits and self-will, but not always the case. So we must learn to make own choices. But now there are no clear rules to discipline a good person and always do good thing. How should we solve this problem? My answer is according to oneself willing to do. In other words, "do you want to do" - This is not the same as self-willed, self-willed is that do you first idea in your mind. In many cases, we always have to face "pop up in the mind the idea" the contradiction between the "want to do". Both are what we want, what is the real conducive to us? Determine the primary and secondary, separate the momentary want some and the long-term, fundamentally advantageous things, is very important. Ethics can tell us how to make a suitable choice in life. Ethics is to explore how to live better rational behavior. Human existence is not a simple as a speck of dust in the air. Interdependence with other things, but yet alone. People's lives, not only by the people themselves, but also constituted by relationships with others such as father, son, brother, friend, enemy and so on....
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