What Is Figure 3.8 Schematic Diagram Of Watchdog Timer?

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Figure 3.8 Schematic Diagram of DDR3 SDRAM
3.7 Watchdog Timer
The MAX6748 is a low-power microprocessor supervisory circuits. It is used in this project to monitor Buck-Boost Converter’s output voltage and the situation when microprocessor hangs. The output Reset pin is connected to the SYS_WARMRST pin of the microprocessor. If the Buck-Boost Converter’s supply voltage goes below the preset value or the microprocessor hangs then the Watchdog Timer resets the microprocessor. Figure A.8 shows the top-view of the IC with the Pin description. Figure 3.9 Schematic Diagram of Watchdog Timer

Figure 3.9 Schematic Diagram of Watchdog Timer

3.8 RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver
MAX3232ECD is a Multi-channel RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver. It consists of two line drivers, two line...

ECG waveform will start plotting on the screen with real time ECG data and corresponding heart rate will be also displayed.

10. The waveform corresponding to Lead I of ECG will be displayed on the screen.

11. If any of the ECG wire is removed from the simulator or any lead connection is loose then lead off status LED’s will turn to YELLOW from GREEN.

12. Green indication shows that all the connections with simulator are proper.
13. If the heart rate is blinking with RED color, it indicates that the alarm condition. This will happen if the heart rate is below 50bpm and above 120bpm.
14. To stop the ECG data streaming use Stop Button as shown below.

15. If data streaming is on and in between Wi-Fi connection is lost then an indication will come “Device connection has lost”. In this case, repeat the steps 4 to 7 to make connection again.
16. If the Tab is unable to connect with VSM device board then remove the USB cable from PC and reinsert it and try to connect again.
17. Make sure that Lead connections and USB connections are proper for correct ECG waveform.
18. Don’t place anything on the ECG cable and make sure these don’t have any bend. Otherwise it will affect ECG waveform.

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