What Is Federalism

Topics: United States Constitution, United States Congress, Federalism Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: January 16, 2006
What is Federalism? How does it work? In what way does federalism affect our country? Its easy, Federalism can be simply defined as a system of government that is divided by a constitution into two basic catagories: National and Regional Governments. These two branches control different powers, use their own agencies and acts through its own laws and officials. The constitution outlines this particular division of powers and is shadowed by the Bill of Rights.

The national government deals with nationwide issues through expressed powers, powers specifically outlined by our constitution, implied powers, which are powers reasonably mentioned through those expressed powers. And Finally inherent powers, which are powers passed down through government history.

Expressed powers give exact specifications of abilities to the branches of the governement, they are as follows: the congress is given 27 powers which include, laying and collecting taxes, coining money maintaining armed forces and declaring war. Other powers are handed to the president, as in, being the Commander-in-Chied of our armies, granting pardons to prisoners, and making treaites with other countries. Expressed powers also goto the Supreme Court giving it "the judicial power of the US", which means, the supreme court is the final desicion over all court cases and the case is brought to the Supreme Court. The Supreme court can enforce amendments on the constitution or change laws.

The Implied powers, which are powers not necessarily
said outright that the governement has, but are reasonably "implied" by the express powers themselves. The idea for the implied powers come from an expressed power found in the constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 18, gives the power of the "Necessary and Proper clause."Thise clasuse gives the congress power to make new laws that are necessary to enforcing the rules set forth by the constitution, These implied powers have been used in many sistuations to help...
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