What Is Family

Topics: Family, Father, Nuclear family Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: November 15, 2010
If the question “what is family?” was asked to a group of people, many different answers would be given. This is because the word family is too broad and therefore does not have a concrete definition. However, there has to be some settlement to a basic generalization about family which can be described as blood related, marriage or adoption. People have their different views but there is an early conception of family. For example, in kindergarten when kids are asked to draw a picture of their family, it usually includes their mom, dad, brother, sister and pet(s) in front of their house. This type of family described by the kindergartener would be referred to as a nuclear family. Families can be classified as nuclear; consisting of a husband, wife, and children, and extended; which includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins in addition to the nuclear family. Also, there can be a family of orientation, in which an individual grows up, or a family of procreation, which is formed when a couple has their first child.

Due to the differences between the beliefs of different cultures, families can differ in many ways. For one, some cultures believe in polygyny or polyandry and therefore there can be more than one father or mother in the family. A child who grows up in this kind of environment will have a different definition of family than a child who grows up in the “typical” family, consisting of a single mom or dad. In the Western world, nuclear families are the most common. Furthermore, when I was asked to interview ten people of different age, ethnicity, etc, they all had similar responses. I was astonished because my initial thought of family like said previously, is a mom, dad, brother, sister. However, all these responses went beyond and not said just blood related, but basically anyone who has been by their side all along. My mom defined family as “family to me is more of a feeling or emotion than a noun. It is a bond, a strong tie to a group of...
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