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What is Family? Family has so many different meanings to every individual who has answers this question. Trying to find a general definition for this term is impossible. Everyone has a different concept of what a family is, what I would consider my family is far more stretch than a typical American family. Coming from a Latin culture my family’s considered grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, friends and down to the last pet. I experienced culture shock when I entered middle school to see what some of my when they referred to family they meant just their parents. For me this new concept of what my friends thought were their family was mom, dad, siblings, and grandparents. For me growing up, was a joyful time my parents were extremely hard working they taught me that family unity was the basic foundation in our family dynamic. I remember the family gathering on holidays, they were so special. During Christmas my grandmother and aunts had prepared traditional foods from Mexico as well as our American dishes, it was such a mixture of cultures. While the kids hovered over the Christmas tree trying to guess who got what, while our fathers either watched television or helping out in the kitchen. This was a typically family gatherings. It was more than just family celebrating a holiday, it became a way to support each other not everyone could afford to put together a family dinner on their own, by affording to bring smaller items to the family gathering we had a wide range of selection of foods for that evening. The typical Family in America are very independent, they incline toward individual well-being rather than the family well-being, and these families consist of the parents and children. They priorities their children over any of their extended family. For example, in America when an individual forms a family of their own they tend to live apart from their parents, when...

Bibliography: Rather, Dan. The American Dream: stories from the heart land. New York: Harper Collins. 2002.
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