What Is Effective Communication Channel

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What is Effective Communication Channel

Good communication is very important for the success of any business. Presenting specific information in a business can be even more important, as the message needs to be conveyed Clearly and accurately. To successfully deliver a clear and accurate presentation, certain Communication channels can be used. These channels will depend on presentation content and the audience, as well as other details. Effective communication plays an important role in business to inform and influence behavior. Communication channels refer to the medium you use to send a message, such as the telephone or email. Effective communication requires selecting an appropriate communication channel to send your message.

In an organization, information flows forward, backwards and sideways. This information flow is referred to as communication. Communication channels refer to the way this information flows within the organization and with other organizations. In this web known as communication, a manager becomes a link. Decisions and directions flow upwards or downwards or sideways depending on the position of the manager in the communication web. For example, reports from lower level manager will flow upwards. A good manager has to inspire, steer and organize his employees efficiently, and for all this, the tools in his possession are spoken and written words.


According to the Encyclopedia of Business (ed. 2), up until the 1960s, the belief was the effectiveness of communication relied directly on the word choice used in the message. However, in the 1960s, scholar Marshall McLuhan suggested the medium of communication influences effectiveness as well. McLuhan's communication theories, like the channel expansion theory, worked to support his revolutionary suggestion.

Importance of a Communication Channel
Managers need to be effective communicators to achieve positive results in today’s organizations. Some of the purposes are –? Seeking or receiving information, encouragement, control, selling proposals, confrontation. Talking to different levels within the hierarchy – to individuals, to groups, to departments – and externally to customers, suppliers, vendors, and other professionals. ? Using both formal communication - Meetings, reports, proposals, notices; and Informal communication - counseling, advising, talking to other employees.? Working in different roles: as Chairman, project leader, analyst, subordinate colleague. ? Evaluating communications : are they facts, opinions, gossip ? ? Building up networks to obtain real information which may be given freely or concealed – which means you need to ask the right questions, or else you will find yourself drowned in data but starved of information. ? Trying to influence those over whom you have no power.

A breakdown in the communication channel leads to an inefficient flow in information. Employees are unaware of what the company expects of them. They are uninformed of what is going on in the company. This will cause them to become suspicious of motives and any changes in the company. Also without effective communication, employees become department minded rather than company minded, and this affects their decision making and productivity in the workplace. Eventually, this harms the overall organizational objectives as well. Hence in order for an Industry to be run effectively, a good manager should be able to communicate to his/her Employee’s what is expected of them, make sure they are fully aware of company policies and any upcoming changes. Therefore, an effective communication channel should be implemented by managers to optimize worker productivity to ensure the smooth running in the Industrial sector in Bangladesh.

Types of Communication Channel

Communication channels used for business communication vary, but may include Websites, Letters, Email, Phone conversations, Videoconferences and face-to-face...

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