What Is Education and Why It Is Important?

Topics: Education, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 5 (1492 words) Published: January 19, 2013
For a student like me its ,big ,,,,,,,,,,question WHAT IS EDUCATION AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT?????????/

Education is is future-oriented - it is about development and growth even when we are studying the past. Thus, as educators, the aspect of thinking we tend to focus upon is learning. As we have stressed, much thinking is commonplace - it goes on all the time, often without our being aware of it. Education takes us into the conscious world. It involves activities that are intended to stimulate thinking, to foster learning. We set out to help another person to learn, or to learn something ourselves (a process of self-education). Both can take place at the same time. We learn as we teach. In conversation we learn about people and communities and also learn the craft of informal education. Three things mark out education: the intention to foster learning; a concern with environment; and certain values

Intention.  We may have a script and a syllabus - we know there are certain things about which we need to talk and things we wish to teach. However, a lot of the time we may not have such a clear idea of where things are headed. All we have is a picture of the general direction that we want to go in. However, we set out to foster learning - and this intention is a key characteristic of education. Environment.. The physical environment - the shape of the room, the way chairs are laid out, lighting and heating will influence the way we feel and think about the activities we are engaged in. In turn, our social relationships will affect the way we view these things. Commitment. Educators do not act in a value free way. In our view, for something to be called 'education', whether it takes place in the classroom or the canteen, it must be informed by certain values. There is a dividing line between education and indoctrination. Education, unlike the latter, embraces a commitment to: * Respect for persons.

* The promotion of well-being.
* Truth.
* Democracy.
* Fairness and equality.

Skills that Cannot be MeasuredA love to learn
Natural talent
Ability to process knowledge
Knowing how to learn
Self-esteem, pride
Motivation, desires
Vision, goals
Research and analytical skills
Instinctive ability
Perceptive insight
Bounce back from failure
Willingness to take risk
Fear control, courage
Communication skills
Problem solving
Time management
Applying technology
Acquire & evaluate information
Ability to get jobs done|
What is education? The answer is, all elements in the opening paragraph and more, relate to education and all should be considered. This would be ideal and sounds good, but "all" is not possible where performance must be measured. Only what can be measured will be selected and the measuring tool is the written test. Anyone who does not have the ability to put clear thoughts on paper is labeled a failure. All natural skills, including knowledge processing, does not count. The fact is, what is exercised grows stronger, what is ignored stays dormant. The classroom exercises the collection of academics leaving all other natural skills in the closet. Test does not measure intelligence or ability, it does not measure how the mind processes information, how motivating experiences develop persistence, or how the mind sorts out instincts, opinions, evaluations, possibilities, alternatives. Knowledge by itself has no value, it is like a dictionary filled with words. Words by themselves have no value, it is the process of stringing them together that gives them value. How they are strung together determines the level of value. Now our education system is becoming a system that memorizes the dictionary. When students have memorized selected knowledge, then they will be given a one-day test, based on dictionary knowledge, which will influence employment...
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