what is education

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David Orr

I think in this article by David Orr. He displays what education is for in a very interesting way. By taking the six myths, but also showing six new principle to replace them. I think that is a very powerful way to persuade an idea to readers. His style is great by showing what he calls the myths in modern education first and then turning it around by stating the better side of the cons. It helps that he put some facts and resources. It makes it seem that he really knows what he is stating and helps back up his reasoning. It will persuade people more because it will connect the reader to another person other than David Orr side. For example, when he talks about “It emphasized theories instead of values, concepts rather than human beings, abstraction rather than consciousness, answers instead of questions …” Is a very strong argument. What convinced me even more is that he used an outside source, Wiesel. I believe the United States schooling system is much different than the Germans. The United States schooling systems should not be giving students the answer instead they should make the students emphasize the theories and come up with their own questions. Another great argument is the first myth David Orr stated “with enough knowledge and technology we can manage planet Earth ..” David Orr backed it up in a previous paragraph by talking about how people way in the earlier years lived great without the need for the skill of reading. That shows it a myth that enough knowledge can manage the planet. He even said that from the time where people didn’t even know how to read, much more knowledge, and all the great increase in technology the top inch of topsoil is still an unknown. David Orr did a great job by connecting with pervious arguments to make everything flow nicely together. Some of David Orr arguments are not well structured. When he talks about knowledge is increasing while other kinds of knowledge are being lost. Is a down side, but that just...
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