What Is Education?

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What is Education?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela, the tenth president of South Africa. Education can be the key to changing the world, but it is not just a simple object to achieve. Education is the life long process of obtaining knowledge through the home, the classroom, and through real world experiences. The knowledge obtained in each of these categories can be overlapping, but each section provides its own method of presenting different types of information.

No matter where in this world we are born, we start empty minded and begin learning the same things. At a very young age, the course of nature begins and the learning of the basics of life such as walking and talking are set in motion. We learn the difference between bravery and fear, right and wrong, pleasure and pain. We learn to communicate verbally by imitating and interacting with the people around us, picking up words and eventually the whole language. We learn to communicate in different ways. At first, using body language and words that aren't really words. We learn social interaction between our peers and adults. Along with language, the surrounding culture and religion is recognized and everything branches off these key elements. The upbringing process is greatly influenced by culture and religion. What is right versus wrong and what is smiled upon and what is frowned upon is defined. We typically accept the proposed ideas because they are dominant in our lives. However, when we get out into the world and gain information for ourselves, the option to accept or reject typical beliefs is available. The education we receive influences our future and gives us an infinite amount of options to choose from.

We also learn other essential things in life such as etiquette. We learn how to eat properly using correct utensils and in turn, become independent. Conversely, not all people are taught etiquette. If they are born in a...
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