What Is Culture?

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Danish Culture
“Danish Culture – seen from abroad” & “Denmark” The texts “Danish culture – seen from abroad” and “Denmark” are two different types of texts. “Danish culture – seen from abroad” consists of two lists of cultural traits seen as typical Danish from a foreigner’s point of view. One made by an Indian anthropologist, who spend a long time studying Danish culture, and states ten cultural traits. The other list is a summary of various researches and states seven cultural traits. “Denmark” almost seems like a guide on how to interact with Danes, seen from a business point of view. It tries to explain the Danish culture, by drawing comparison to other cultures. You might say that “Denmark” describes how the knowledge of cultural traits can be useful, when interacting in other cultures. Both texts describe how Danish culture is viewed and point out some of the same cultural traits. They both mention cultural traits like informality, hygge, laid-back/ soft business style and punctuality. “Denmark” mentions humor in a number of occasions, stating that Danes use humor in a lot of different parts of life. It also mentions that Danes are fond of naming their “ten commandments”, and prefer modest behavior. This is also mentioned in P.G. Reddy’s research, where he states that Danes prefer moderate behavior and that they dislike flatter, praise and boasting. I can recognize most of the cultural characteristics stated in “Danish Culture”, but I think that the research by P. G. Reddy has a rather positive view on Danish culture and that his research is out of date. A lot of things have happened in Danish culture through the last century and have, I think, changed the mentality in Danes. One of the points mentioned in “Danish culture” is accuracy and punctuality, which I think is declining in Danish culture. It is still to be seen but, in my experience, the younger generations haven’t got this cultural trait in the same degree as the older generations. I think...
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