What Is Critical Thinking.

Topics: Critical thinking, Reasoning, Thought Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Write a 300- to 500-word response with a detailed, supported explanation to the following question, repeated from Week One, without repeating your week 1 response:

• What is critical thinking?

Note. Do not repost your response from Week One.

• How is your response different from the one you wrote in Week One?

Format your response consistent with the Associate Level Writing Style Handbook.

What is critical thinking? Critical thinking is more than just thinking through a situation. It is the use of fallacies and rhetorical devices that allow you to better prepare your argument to cause certain actions or reactions from yourself and those around you. It is being able to identify creditable information from false information and the way the media is giving you that information. Critical Thinking is not quickly jumping to conclusions but taking time to think through all sides and finding all information to make the best decision that needs to be made for yourself or the situation at hand. In my week one response I simply thought critical thinking was just taking the time to think through things and not making decisions without thinking them through. That is part of critical thinking but it isn’t it entirely. From week one to week nine in this course I have learned what critical thinking really means and I understand now what it means to think critically and what it involves. I have learned how to use critical thinking. I am able to identify fallacies and different techniques the media uses to manipulate certain reactions out of me. I am able to recognize factual information from false information better now than before. I have learned that my week one response to what is critical thinking wasn’t even half of what the answer really is. Critical thinking takes focus and time. In my opinion. I have found myself thinking critically a lot more often than I did before. I catch myself before making snap judgments or decision and remind...
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