What Is Critical Thinking

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 What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking, in essence, is the systematic breakdown, evaluation and reasoning we should employ when problem solving. Critical thinking is the method we use to make sure we have examined all aspects of an issue prior to developing a solution. Critical thinking requires that we not just view our own point of view but also the views of others. Critical thinking involves questioning, research and deep evaluation of what is being considered prior to approaching a potential solution. By examining the subject in a deeper manner, we are able to ensure our approach to the solution is far more comprehensive and therefor more effective. After we have made sure all the information is being examined we can begin to focus on a solution. Critical thinking in finding solutions is just as important in finding a solution as it is in fact finding. When finding a solution we must make sure we use the information found surrounding opposing points of view to provide the best possible solution. After a solution is reached, our critical thinking is not done. We must then use critical examination to find any errors in our solution. As described, critical thinking is an end-to-end thought process which helps us to find better solutions and better avenues of thought.  

What are the three most significant concepts you learned about critical thinking during this class?

There are many concepts which significantly impacted my critical thinking skills. Narrowing it down to three is a bit of a challenge. One of the more impactful concepts would have to be identifying and changing bad habits in thought. More specifically, identifying and removing self-deception from thought. Self-deception is the thought habit of denying or “forgetting” details which do not serve to further or reinforce our position. By allowing this bad habit to continue, we have a tendency to overlook important information in an effort to convince ourselves we are right. Another...
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