What Is Courage Essay 800 1000 Words

Topics: Racial segregation, Rosa Parks, African American Pages: 3 (604 words) Published: March 4, 2015

A Woman’s Great Stand
Courage Essay
Chase Devlin
English 1401
January 27, 2015
Professor Hardwick

How would you feel if you went out to dinner with your wife and a couple tells you to move because of the color of your skin? Now, imagine that this couple is armed with weapons and intended on using them, if you do not get up. What would you do? Rosa Parks was a forty- two year old African American seamstress who lived in Montgomery, Alabama during the time of segregation. Rosa Parks refused to move from her seat on a bus for a Caucasian man, leading up to being arrested and jailed and later on fined of fourteen dollars for her bravery. Rosa Parks showed courage by disobeying the segregation law for her family, for her relationship to God, and for her disregard to prejudice people. Her family’s influence on Rosa helped to influence her courageous act.

Within her family, Rosa’s mother and grandmother were big influences in her decision on the bus. Throughout her life, Rosa’s grandmother was a slave who endured worse things than Rosa did. During this courageous act, Rosa thought about her grandma and how she continued to not being treated as equally as everyone else during this time period. Also, her mother, a school teacher at the time, taught her to be a strong motivated woman. Rosa Parks’ family story helped her to stand up for herself because Rosa thought about her and equality throughout her courageous act. She explained all of these components in many interviews. Along with her family, Rosa Parks’ religion with God was guidance.

Rosa Parks’ faith swayed her courageous act. Throughout her life, Rosa Parks was a true member of African Methodist Episcopal Church. She was taught to read the bible, for God had all the answers. She was taught not to worry or fear because no matter what situation she was in, God would protect her and keep her safe. Rosa Parks’ religion influenced her courageous act because she was taught that God...
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