what is beauty

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When you look at a bruised apple, your brain automatically thinks EW. We don’t want to eat the apple because of the outside, because of its physical properties. Society shows us pictures of shiny green apples in magazines, catalogues and cook books. So when we go into the kitchen and see that bruised apple why wouldn’t we think negatively about it? The truth is on the inside the apple tastes as good as any other apple. Society creates the same effect with girls. They show skinny, flawless girls who all are either photo shopped, or have had surgery to make them flawless. Society has formed a negative body image on girls everywhere. People automatically pick the skinny girl first, over that heavy girl. This is completely wrong, because of society; we have girls, who are healthy and beautiful thinking they are ugly. The truth is every girl is beautiful on the inside, and that is all that matters. Beauty is the way you are naturally. What makes a girl beautiful? To be beautiful a girl needs a nice personality. In my eyes if someone looks amazing but acts like a jerk, how could someone say they are beautiful? People who are beautiful don’t become conceited, if you think of yourself as beautiful, it doesn’t matter what others think of you. The definition of beauty is different to every person, but to me, you don’t need a pretty face, or the latest makeup to be beautiful. A girl who is beautiful is confident, nice, and is morally a good person. Every girl is beautiful in their own way, and I hope eventually society will spread the message that thinking you are beautiful is more important than being pretty, once society accepts that our world will be one step closer to being a better place.
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