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What is an organisational structure chart? It is a chart which shows the hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications, rights and duties of an organization. From staff all the way up to CEOS in an organisation. This is an organisational structure chart for Apple Inc. it shows the span of control in the company you have the Chief executive officer Steve Jobs. This isn’t quite accurate as Steve Jobs have passed away and the COO took his place as CEO Timothy D. Cook. And as you can see his span of control is eleven people and only one of the eleven people reporting to him was a woman. Other important roles in the company such as the Chief financial officer have a span of control of one person the control, Betsy Rafael. Then the COO has a span of control of six people global outsourcing, apple online store, America and Asia regions, apple care, education and EMEAI regions. They all report to the COO who them reports back to the CEO. It’s quite simple to understand you see the people in charge and follow the lines down to the other people there in charge of you can see their span of control and how much authority they have in the company and who they then report back to.

The organisational structure chart for Oxfam is varied from Apple, but you still have the CEO but you also have a board of management in Oxfam and basically what they do is they’re elected to oversee the running and activities of the organisation and how it’s being run and if everything is up to standard. In Oxfam the CEO reports to the board of managers. Whilst the CEO has a line management of four; children and family service, finance and corporate service, fundraising and publications and so on. P4

What is Strategic Planning?
Strategic planning is an organizational management that is used to set priorities, focus on resources, strengthen operations within the organisation, and ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals. It’s drawn...
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