What Is an Educated Filipino?

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Elements of Poetry

Narrative poetry is poetry that tells a story and is the oldest genre poetry. The most popular form of narrative poetry is probably the ballad. Lyric poetry is a form of poetry that does not attempt to tell a story as do epic poetry and dramatic poetry, but is of a more personal nature instead. The lyric poet addresses the reader directly and portrays his or her own feelings, state of mind, and perceptions. Common themes are love, war and peace, nature and nostalgia, grief and loss. Nature themes are also prominent in lyric poetry. Dramatic poetry is any poetry in which one or more characters speak. Dramatic poetry generally uses the conversation of the characters involved to tell a story or portray a situation. Elements of Drama

In simple terms, imitation means the act of copying somebody or something. It is an act of copying the ways somebody talks and behaves, especially to entertain. In literature, imitation is used to describe a realistic portrayal of life, a reproduction of natural objects and actions. This type of imitation includes writing in the spirit of the masters using merely their general principles; borrowing special “beauties” in thought and expression from the works of the best poets; or adapting their materials to the writer’s own age. Plot

A lot of volumes have been written on drama and aspects of drama of which plot is one of them. The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defines plot as a “plan or line of events of a story especially of a novel or a story”. In dramatic plot, unlike in the novel where the author describes the characters and incidents they are involved in, the play Wright presents the characters in action. This means that plot in drama develops through what the characters do or say, what is done to them, and or what is said about them or to them. This is why in his opinion, Grebanier describes plot as “a matter of action of deeds...
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