what is an Advertisement?

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Jordan Bensemhoun

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In the advertising, world being different pays off. Discuss.


Advertisement is a form of communication, with the goal of getting the attention of a target, usually consumers, users or electors. It’s main objective is to make them buy a product; or vote for someone in an election. It is done by having an advertisement that will shock, amaze and stay in the target’s mind. There are many different types of advertisement but the most common one’s are televised or in the streets. Nowadays, in the advertising world, people try to find new ideas to attract people’s attention; we will discuss whether that pays off or not.

One could argue that being different and original is a great way to be distinctive from other competitors. It also attracts people because of their natural curiosity to discover new things, which could help to the success of the advertisement. Indeed, every commercials and ads are becoming very similar and repetitive to one another. So much that people don’t even look anymore when they see them in the streets. That is why having original ideas to promote something or someone, is a way to make people turn their head in the street when they see it. For example, a few years ago, some companies started to pay people to drive cars around Paris with their ads on it. Personally, that definitely caught my attention, as it was something I had never seen before. All the ads I see in the metro or in the streets everyday don’t even hold my attention because I have already seen them over and over again in the same format. Being original is a great way to make customers believe you are selling something better and most importantly, something new to them. Consumers like to be trendy and have the last version of everything, which can be mirrored by new techniques of promoting.

However, being original doesn’t always pay off for different reasons. First off, customers like using the same product that they are...
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