What Influences Have Made Me the Person I Am Today

Topics: Primary school, Thing, Second grade Pages: 3 (1465 words) Published: February 28, 2005
What influences have made me the person I am?

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I was just getting to my psychology class and as usual I was chit chatting with my neighbors in class, Cpl Christie and Fausnight about the things that each of us did this weekend. Just when I had finished talking to Kara (Fausnight) about her weekend our psychology teacher Dr. Douglas walks in. As she is walking in I in my peppy self- personality ask how her weekend went. Dr. Douglas then proceeded to tell me that it was "none of my business"…….maybe she was having a bad day or was really stressed out or maybe in fact it was "none of my business". She also told me that there was a certain thing called boundaries and that I needed to find out what that was. I felt dumbfounded to say the least. I've always been a real social person. Pretty much striking a conversation with anyone. So I was brain storming the other day and I was wondering about what to write my paper about. Just then the previous scenario came to mind and I figured I could intertwine me and how the influences that I've had throughout my life have influenced me and made me the outgoing, friendly, social person that I am. I'll attempt to do this by using Erickson's stages of development (Myers, 2005). O.k. we will start by looking at the infancy stage. Where an infant learns either to Trust or Mistrust people. I don't know how much is true but in talking to my parents they told me that ever since the day I was born I was such a crybaby. They also told me that I never wanted to be alone or have anyone even go as much as 5 feet from me because I would start crying and throwing a fit. The thing though is that most infants develop a sense of "stranger anxiety", which is the fear of strangers (myers, 2005). Me on the other hand, I would only cry when I was left alone, I was never really too afraid of strangers. One reason could be that ever since I was born I came into an environment rich with people. My dad was an associate...
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