What Influenced Your Life Good Luck or Correct Decisions?

Topics: Personal life, Critical thinking, English-language films Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: May 4, 2009
At the beginning let’s see what the GOOD LUCK is. For every person the good luck means different thing. For one this is to have a lot of money, for other to have a successful marriage or a good health, a lot of friends, good social esteems, relaxed lifestyle, bright academic study and etc. On the contrary, what the CORRECT DECISION is? Again for every person it has different manner. Taking the right decision can be very critical sometimes or most of the times. It mostly depends on the kind of situation you are but no matter what the situation may be following a right pattern and thinking logically can lead to a correct decision ultimately. Personally for me the good luck is to have a very good health and some but good friends, and my last correct decision was to buy a flat of my own. Why is so important for me to have a good health and some but good friends? The purpose is one … if I have a good health I will have the opportunity and more time for my friends. But what influenced my life? In my case it’s may be a good luck, because I have some but very good friends and I have a good health. With my friends I can do everything such as e.g. go on a walk or a vacation. Or just to spend my time with them. My opinion is so because even my last correct decision doesn’t make my life easier. In spite of this my friends makes me happier.
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