What If God Didn't Exist

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If I were to find out for certain that God doesn’t exist, how would I react/respond? What does your answer reveal about yourself?

If I were to find out for certain that God doesn’t exist, I believe that it would be one of the most, if not the most, tragic things that I would ever witness or experience. That is because no matter how much I question or struggle with the things regarding my faith, at the end of the day, God exists and cares for each individual being in the universe. The feeling I get from thinking about it is that I would probably go through a time of anger and depression. That is because, to me, I think that the experience of God is a very real thing to me growing up and as I live my everyday life. I think I would turn into a very dangerous person if I suddenly find out that God, who is the end goal of everything that I do, is a lie. I would begin to reassess everything I have done. That is because, and paraphrasing what C.S. Lewis himself said, I try to do everything good in this life because I believe that there is an afterlife. And, I think that the best way for other people to understand that is by showing that life on earth can be really be a good one and to think of the possibilities of an afterlife that is beyond the quantifiable measure and philosophical comprehension is amazing and keeps me living out everyday life – it’s something worth striving for. I answer as such because even if I do not express my faith as much as other believers, I do admit that I am very much a believer that practices and attempts to understand how it is to live my faith walk and attempts to be a good witness of how personal and real God actually is in the way I relate with others. I think the best way to witness to that love of God is through your natural everyday actions, and not merely by preaching about it on a stage.

I may not admit it verbally or talk about it all the time, but I guess it is safe to say that I am driven (perhaps in some sort of...
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