what if earth stop spinning

Topics: Earth, Sun, Solar System Pages: 3 (1354 words) Published: April 27, 2014

As we all know, planets spin. Our solar system was formed billions years ago from a spinning cloud of gas and dust. Nowadays, the Earth is turning at more than 16 hundreds kilometers an hour, bus it’s gradually slowing down about two seconds every one hundred thousand years. BUT WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THAT SLOWDOWN SPEEDS UP?

If the speed of rotation were reduced by about one kilometer per hour, traffic air would face serious consequences. Most commercial aircrafts navigate with the help of GPS, which rely on a series of satellites that tell an aircraft where in the world it is. But if the Earth slows down, it will break the calibrated system so they won’t know where the aircraft actually is. If the navigation system doesn’t work correctly, computers will tell planes to land far away from airports and many lives will be at risk. If the world spin slows for about fifteen kilometers an hour, oceans would be the new main problem. Our planet is fatter in the middle and the spin is one of the forces that keep water in place on top of the Equator. If that force weakens, the ocean will begin to move to the poles. Millions of cubic kilometers of ocean will be moving, which will raise the sea levels, flooding cities and draining other. If sea levels rise, the air we breathe will change as well. Our atmosphere rotates along with the Earth. If spin slows, the atmosphere will follow the ocean. In cities in the tropic such as Rio, Mumbai and Singapore will be harder to breathe. Cities with higher elevation will begin to struggle for breathing as well because the air will be too thin for people to breathe. These cities will have to be evacuated because the air won’t be breathable. Solar radiation will be a problem too. If the Earth spin slows down, the magnetic field that usually protects the Earth from solar radiation will be gone, since the rapid rotation of the Earth inner core generates this. As the rotation slows down, the magnetic...
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