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What Have U Learned from a Mistake?

By TheSonOfTheGod1 Aug 16, 2013 572 Words
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Lớp :AE 10

I. Writing, Choose one of the following topics and write an essay to express your ideas (250 word limit)

Topic 3 : What have you learnt from a mistake?

As you know,nobody is perfect,which means everyone in this world makes mistakes.However, what makes you different from each other is what you have learnt from every mistake you made.Regarding to my own experience,there's a mistake that brings me a memorable lesson of life.

To begin with, the story happened in the spring 2 years ago. At that time,I fell in love with one of my close friend.An. Nevertheless, finally,she came back to her ex-boyfriend and left me alone. Because of my great admiration to her,I was so sad, so dissappointed and just couldn't keep calm. As the result, I often played truant. That moment was really a nightmare as I played all days, always stayed up late, paid no attention to people around me as well as left their words behind. Negative thoughts were always in my mind for months.

Until one day, when I had pretty recovered, a friend said to me "hey guy, you are about to throw everything you have.Y ou are going to throw your dreams and future away, too. One day you will have nothing. Is it worth?" In a moment, I realized that I had made a big mistake. Should I have lost control of myself together with let the emotion dominate my will too much???

That mistake had been extremely embedded in my mind, which taught me the way to keep balance between studying and playing in my university life. In general, as you know, career is greatly crucial to our private lives despite how much craziness in love as well as addiction in games. Therefore, never allow distracting habits to affect your profession. Studying and working as well, as usual, are always not attractive; but when you grow up, you will understand they are the stairs for you to archieve everything in life. Besides, alertness and calmness at work will definitely be compulsory to get higher promotion . Finally, to live is to choose, and you should make decision from now on.

To sum up, apart from drawbacks, mistakes and faults bring us a quantity of valuable benefits. Nonetheless, whether to lie down on the road after falling or to stand up and learn from it to become more complete one day, it depends on you. -


II. Translate the following sentences into English.
1.    He’s a successful man.
2.    A beautiful woman is the one who has beautiful mind. 3.    The rich and handsome guy whom u met yesterday is my brother. 4.    If you think that I’ll definately be an assistant,you are absolutely wrong. 5.    My husband works for company ABC, the leading company of technology and media in Viet Nam.He’s industrious and whole-hearted to his work so he got promoted to project manager of the company.Since he got promoted to new position,he has been absent from home more frequently and cared less for the family.I have sacrificed a lot of time and my social relations to care for my family to help my husband concentrate at work.He really understands my heart and instead of saying thank to me, he always gives me beautiful flowers whenever he has chances.

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