What Happened to Enron?

Topics: Enron, Jeffrey Skilling, Financial statements Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: June 21, 2013

Jeffrey Skilling has joined the company in 1989. Management concept of Jeff, the company entered the expansion period. Becoming the CEO of the company has begun to affect his policies and vision. According to Jeff personality, the company's only purpose is to increase the rate of profit and higher return stocks profit margin. According to his teacher who told Forbes in an interview related Jeffrey Skilling; in a class discussion,if production is harmful to public health, asked will what to do? Skilling answered this question as follows, "I will continue to do production and I will continue to sell. As a businessman, my duty increase the rate of profit and higher return stocks profit margin. Controlling the pest products is the duty of the government, " he says. This wiew of Enron maneger, become a strategy of Enron with the beginning of the task. There are in essence the story of this idea. Due to the written reasons, personality of Jeff is become a important variable. Jeff's only purpose was only profit.

The most important factor of making Enron’s development increase is lobby activities. These activities include bribes, changing employee, media organization, political support. Enron tried to be first in liberalization market; if necessary they could apply unethical ways to take liberalization decision. It means that, Enron bribed to director of the country in which they had invested.

Another features of Enron was, exchanged employee between audit firm and public corporation. Arthur Andersen had been performing controlling and consulting for Enron. Many employees of Arthur Andersen began to work in Enron in due course. Also after some public officers quitted their own job, they could start to work in Enron. The most important example was Wendy Gram, Lord John Wakeham. In 1992, when Wendy Gram was head of commodity future trading commission, energy connected futures that Enron realized was released by government control....
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