What Girls Learn

Topics: Daniel Craig, Cancer, Breast cancer Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Airion Andrews
January 23, 2011
English 9
Book Report

Have you ever thought, “I’m never going to get cancer?” Well, I’m pretty sure that’s how all of us in the world think because none of us want to be put in that position since it’s a scary yet a dangerous thing to deal with. In my book, ‘What Girls learn,’ by Karin Cook, it never occurred to Frances that she would be endangered by breast cancer.

In this book, two young girls find themselves growing up fast when love and tragedy visit their mother in this made-for-cable drama based on the novel by Karin Cook. Elizabeth and Tilden are sisters growing up in Atlanta, GA, with their single mother. Elizabeth and Tilden's lives are turned upside down when Mama announces that's she's getting married to Nick, a man from New York whom they've never met. Nick turns out to be a good and understanding man, but while Elizabeth easily accepts him into the family, Tilden makes no secret of her distrust of her new stepfather. However, Tilden's feelings about Nick take a back seat in the family's list of priorities when Mama discovers she has cancer, and as Elizabeth, and Tilden try to deal with this crisis, they are forced to deal with the intrusive presence of their uncle Rand. Frances and Nick decide to get married so Nick can become the legal guardian of the two youngsters. Nick, Elizabeth, Tilden, Frances’s brother, Rand, and a friend, Lainey, cares for Frances at home through her terminal illness.

Frances, Tilden, and Elizabeth, all, lived in numerous places within their lifetime. Their very first place they lived, that Tilden could remember was in Atlanta, Georgia. In Georgia they lived in a makeshift basement studio. Now this is only one of the numerous places they reside in. Another spot they stayed at for a while was in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh. They stayed in a mansion, which really was a garage apartment at the edge of the estate in Lawrenceville. To the three of the ladies they always seemed to be...
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