What Freedom Means to Me

Topics: United States, Life / Pages: 2 (376 words) / Published: Feb 26th, 2013

Freedom- the ability to be able to do whatever you please. The right that we Americans are fortunate enough to possess and use in our everyday lives. Freedom has transformed lives, and formed others. Because of the freedom we have in the United States, our lives are significantly better than of those in other, more restricted countries. But as we often take this freedom for granted, it is a good thing to occasionally sit back and reflect on what true freedom means to YOU as an individual- and this is such an occasion. For me, freedom is the basis of our lives, because it allows us to aspire to and achieve greatness. Think about it- what would we do if we did not have the ability to say “No”, use ambition, or be creative? How about not being able to attend school, choose our own spouses, or work wherever we desired? You see, if we did not have these privileges, it would be nearly impossible to progress from one point to the next. The working and social class you were born into would be where you would remain for the rest of your life. But with freedom, we are allowed to do whatever we so choose in order to improve our lives, financial situations, and world. This is why freedom is so important- it keeps our entire world running, often without us even being aware of it. Freedom may be the basis of life, but it has two other components that it could not exist without: respect and diversity. In order to have freedom, you need to respect others’ right to think and act as they like, and they will ultimately do the same. Freedom also creates and embraces diversity, because all people are unique and different. We are allowed to express our differences because of our freedom, and therefore can create different opportunities, friendships, and career options to expand and improve our lives. Freedom cannot exist without respect and diversity; but as Americans, we are lucky to have all of three of these in our country. And THAT is why

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