What Events (Experiences or Ceremonies) Make a Person an Adult?

Topics: Family, Marriage / Pages: 2 (298 words) / Published: Apr 30th, 2013
As a rule of nature, children grow up to be adults. What events make a person an adult? There are three experiences and ceremonies that mark a person an adult: eighteenth birthday, graduating from university and his marriage ceremony. One of the events making a person be an adult is his eighteenth birthday. At this time, he has all civil rights, such as getting married, having a driving license, doing military service etc. In some families, theycan discuss family issues. Take my brother an example. On his eighteenth birthday, my grandfather gave him a car and declared that he has all rights as an adult member in my extended family. Graduating from university is the second event. The difference between children and adults is their knowledge. Therefore, having graduated, a person can be considered as an adult with the understanding about the nature and society. They also can get a stable job and have enough money to support their lives. Having got a Bachelor Degree of Economic University, my friend, Nam, got a good position in Vietcombank, so he can afford both his expense and his sister’s school fees. Getting married is the most important event to prove that he is an adult. Before getting married, he has to consider carefully whom to get married. . My twenty- year- old nephew got married last year. Having a wife, he becomes more mature. He and his wife are responsible to keep their family happy. In conclusion, it is quite difficult to recognize a person is a child or an adult. However, whoever gets three mentioned above: eighteenth birthday, graduating from University and getting married is really an adult. Experiencing those events, a person shows his ability to support his life and take care of his family members as

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