what emotions are evoked in umfundisi reverend stephen kumalo when at last he receives his first letter from johannesburg and why does he feel that way?

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Stephen Kumalom an angelican priest who lived in Ndotsheni:Africa, had to wait for ages to receive a letter from jahannesburg. he had been anticipating for a letter as many of his relatives were settled there.

his brother, John, the carpenter, had gone there to start a business of his own. his sister, gertrude who was about 25 yeas younger than him, had gone there with her son to look fot her husband who had never come back from the mines. his son, absolom kumalo, had gone there to look for Gertrude, his aunt but there was no news about him either

when the little girl told him that she had a letter for him, he was taken aback for he had been waiting since so long to receive a ltter from johhanburg, but it never came. so much so, he didnt even recognize whose handwriting it was. stepehen gazed at the dirty letter and concluded that it had been in many hands.

turning the letter back and forth, Stephen still couldn't figure out who wrote it. he was afraid that the letter would hold unpleasant news because it came after quite a while.

he then called upon his wife and asked if she knew anything about the letter but she deniet it. after studying the letter his wife gathered up her courage and told him that it was't from his son but it might concern him. she ensured him that is wasn't from gertrude or even john

after few moments of silence, she said that they had been waiting fro a letter to come but now that they received it, they were afraid to open it, she then immediately opened the letter, slowly and carefully read it out loud to her husband
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