What Effect the Concentration of Acid Has on the Rate of Reaction

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The Effect of concentration on the rate of reaction


The aim of this experiment is to find out what effect concentration has on a rate of reaction.


I predict that the higher the concentration of the acid, the faster the reaction will take place, this is because when there is a higher concentration, to a certain extent, there is more particles, so the higher the concentration of acid, the more particles there would be, so these particles will have more chance of colliding with each other, which is what causes the reaction.


- Conical Flask
- Three Measuring Cylinders
- Three Measuring Beakers
- Hydrochloric Acid
- Sodium Thiosulphate
- Blank Paper
- Black Marker
- Stop Watch
- Safety Goggles
- Distilled Water
- Pipette


Collect Safety goggles and place over eyes.
Collect all needed equipment and place on or near work surface. Draw a large ‘X' using the black marker on the plain paper. Mark appropriately the beakers and cylinders with ‘Water' ‘Acid' and ‘Sod Thio'. Place Conical Flask on the ‘X' marked paper completely covering the 'X'. Fill marked beakers with the correct solutions found in the laboratory. Using the solutions out of the beakers, pour the correct amount into the designated cylinders, using a pipette if needed. Into the Conical Flask on the ‘X' first add the water, then add the Acid. lastly add the Sodium Thiosulphate, and on point of contact, start the Stopwatch as this is when the reaction begins. The solution will start to mist up, and go cloudy. When the ‘X' is barely visible from aerial view, be ready to stop the Stopwatch. As soon as the ‘X' cannot be seen, stop the Stopwatch. Record the time into the designated table.

Repeat this test Three times.

Volume Of Sodium Thiosulphate (ml)Volume Of Acid (ml)Volume Of Water (ml)Concentration Of Acid (ml)


Preliminary Results

Time Taken.
Rep One


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