What Dreams May Come
Topics: Mind, Near death experience, Thought / Pages: 2 (366 words) / Published: Dec 16th, 2012

What Dreams May Come
One of my big questions after watching the movie was if heaven is based on your perception and imagination, then what if your idea of heaven is being with a certain person? Then would that person be a fake or a copy? Showing that there is an afterlife, shows that we have souls, so can there be copies of souls? All this could mean, maybe you don’t get everything you imagine in heaven. Another big question I was thinking of while watching the movie was that since the afterlife is based on personal experiences in the physical life, what happens if you die as a baby or while still in the womb? What experiences would your afterlife be based on if you have no idea of what heaven would be? Who would guide you there? This idea of an afterlife being based on many of your significant life experiences is constantly detectable throughout the entire film. Mainly after Chris goes to his version of heaven, and also when he sees his daughter and she has her heaven based on a toy model she had in her physical life. Another example is when she tells him her new physical appearance is based on what he had said when they were both alive. Overall, I thought this movie was pretty entertaining, especially with all the special effects. I even think the ideas about the afterlife are pretty idealistic, but I see no solid reason to believe any of it. Any part of this movie could be possible, because I do not know for sure what happens after we die. However, if there is one part I can find believable, it is the first half. The part when Robin Williams first dies up to when he travels through the tunnel, because it relates to so many peoples’ near death experiences. I still think this movie left too many questions, but I would like the afterlife to be like what the movie portrayed, because I don’t plan on killing myself anytime soon, and it would be nice to know that I am going to still exist after I die and be reunited with my family.

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