What Does It Mean to Be a Male or Female in Today's Society?

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: April 26, 2005
What Does It Mean to Be a Male or Female in Today's Society?

What Does It Mean to Be a Male or Female in Today's Society? In my opinion, the media has a big influence on the way that we see men and women in today's society. We are being confronted with advertisements, television programs, magazines, and movies that depict how we as humans should act. For years the media has depicted women as the housewives who usually stay home and take care of the house and her family. You rarely, nowadays, see a woman out working earning the living for her family and the man at home with the children. Women are sex symbols; they sell advertisements for clothing, cars, cigarettes, and household items. Just about everywhere that you turn you will see a woman selling some type of product.

In today's society boys become men when they hit puberty or lose their virginity. But women on the other hand become women when they get married and have children. It was commonly known that men earn more money in the workplace, and hold higher positions. Since years ago women have been able to do nothing, they had no say nor, could they vote. Women were expected to keep quiet when a problem occurred and not speak up for what they believed in. It was the stereotype that "a woman's place was in the home". The men were out making the money for the family so it was like what could you possibly have to say when I make the money and, I take care of the family. Women were treated like underclassmen; they had no power. "The strength of a woman lies in her own hands", and it is up to the woman to speak up for herself and let everyone know where she stands. It is the 21th century and it is not like it used to be, where the women stayed home with the children and did the housework but, now you have dads that stay home and the wife is out making a living for the family. Women are becoming more independent; you have single moms who do not need a man to take care of her and her child or...
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