what does happiness mean?

Topics: Family, Meaning of life, Psychology Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: November 1, 2013
What does this magical word “happiness” mean?
“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of” – Albert Camus. What is happiness? How is it affecting other’s lives? Many do not really understand the meaning of happiness. Happiness is a fuzzy concept can mean many different things to many people. When a person has something, or someone he or she wants, does that mean she or he is happy? Maybe being satisfied can lead to happiness, but that is not the only needed element. How about having the control of their life and not being in controlled of others’ such as parents? Happiness is a mental and emotional state of satisfaction, companionship, and control. Happiness and satisfaction are related in different ways. When one is satisfied with what one has in life, then he or she is happy. Perhaps they have achieved their goal in life, such as graduating from a university or having a family. Especially when they have found the right soul mate, then they have found their happiness. Even with kids, when a little boy gets a piece of his favorite candy, he will show satisfaction. Being satisfied takes a person toward happiness, but it may not take the person there by itself. It takes more than being satisfied for one to find his or her happiness. For example, one may have graduated from a university, but now he or she needs to find a job. In addition to that, one may have found a job, but he or she wants to find a career that is more rewarding than just satisfying his or her needs. Therefore, there is more of happiness than just being satisfied. Happiness consists of companionship. Try to imagine a person without the people that he or she loves around, would that person still be happy? Friends and family play an important role in one’s happiness. For example, a child needs his or her parents, but they also have siblings and grandparents around to provide companionship. Parents work to provide the needs of a child, so they cannot always...
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