What Do You Think Was the Cause of the Civil War?

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: June 29, 2006
What do you think was the cause of the Civil War?

The main cause is not slavery, but SLAVERY is the main source of the causes!

The Civil War
•Started 1861 – 1865, very bloody, deadly, 160 thousand people died •War between the Confederacy and the Federal Government
•Confederacy: the southern states (not all), based on slavery --- separation •Federal Government: no separation allowed (Lincoln), keep unity!

Causes linked with slavery
Why South want to separate from North?
•Culture = slavery dependence
•Slavery = lifestyle
•"Slavery is a positive good", there's slavery in the Bible •"we're like their teachers, their fathers" --- idea of paternalism •"Democracy is impossible without slavery" --- old fashioned is good Social and racial

•Inequality b/w whites and blacks = normal
•Clear separation of human levels --- black = slave = the worst •"If you're white and poor you might suffer from hunger, but at least not a slave"

•South economy depends on slavery = essential cheap workforce •E.g. huge tobacco, cotton industry
•Argue: prevents industrialization --- really needed?

•Actions without thinking --- "Do as you would like other to do to you" •Only considered their own ideas; conflict of interest:
o"Slavery is wrong" – races are equal – esp. the Radicals oPrevents Free Market – whites less competitive, no wages, no jobs oInequality is high – only few are rich
oIt's "Un-American" – no equality, no human rights…
•Lincoln = the biggest threat – "Slavery is wrong"
•Prevents the states in Confederacy to leave Federal Government - sent armies to "protect" its own people --- lead: fire from Confederacy Southerners
•Should negotiate with the Government about their concerns (slavery) •Confederacy shouldn't fire

•Propagandas, magazines, newspapers…
•If people didn't want to fight – no soldiers – no war!
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