What Do You Think of Amy Chua’s Way of Raising Her Children? to What Extend Do You Agree with Her That It Represents “Chinese Parenting” and Is Superior to “Western Parenting”?

Topics: China, Overseas Chinese, Chinese language Pages: 3 (665 words) Published: October 30, 2012
The ways parents to raise their children are greatly affected by their experiences and culture they are exposed to. Chinese-American mother, Amy Chua, under the influence of strict parenting in her childhood, used the same way to teach her children. There are rules and regulations for their children to follow, such as not being allowed to learn music instruments except piano and violin with no excuse to say no. The reason that the issue has become a controversy is that the parenting method which she is proposing is totally against the common value of Americans which is the importance of personal freedom. Americans believe that everyone has the same right to express their feeling and freedom to choose their future and interests, even children. In my point of view, the way of Amy Chua raising her children does nothing on improving children’s personal development which lay the foundations of one’s personality and future growth. There are reasons as follows.

To begin with, tough parenting hinders the individuality of children. They are gradually used to following parents’ commands, thus, they no longer have the ability to think, leading to lack of creativity. Nowadays, many academic subjects require students having creativity, such as, visual arts and literature, how can the parents hope their children having good results without creativity? However, children under tough parenting will not be given chances to develop their potential. For example, Amy Chua didn’t allow her children to join the school play, which prevents them from displaying their interest in drama.

Furthermore, harsh parenting leads to ultimate conflicts between parents and children. Following strict rules and regulation day to day, children are living under stress. For example, Amy Chua’s children have to keep on doing exercises without a break, which is too demanding for children’s ability, even an adult cannot keep on working all day long. Children will probably rebel against parents’...
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