What Do You Think Are the Causes of Stress Among Students? Suggest at Least One Solution for Students to Reduce Their Stress.

Topics: A Great Way to Care, Causality, High school Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: November 14, 2012
University is a wonderful experience in hope. It not only elevates your education, but also gives you an experience of a new life: “College can become all that you wished for- a time for learning, for broadening horizons, a time to discover who you are…” (Adele Scheele). However, students in university also have to face up with stress because of studying pressure, financial problem and time management. Initially, one of the most causes of stress is the studying pressure. A semester is full of assignments and group assignments, presentations, seminars. They have to finish their assignments. Studying in university, students must be acquainted with their presentations and seminars on their subjects that they force to spend much time on. Moreover, there will be particularly stressful periods when they attempt to review for tests and exams with a hope of get high scores. These could result in stress among students. The second common cause of stress is financial problem. Students have to face up with tuition fee, textbooks costs, and living expenses. Besides, there are a lot of personal demands in their lives such as dating, eating out, shopping that cost them much money. This is a source of great concern for a student who is out of high school and does not have parents tell them how to spend money in right way. Almost students have problem with money management, even are in debt. Accounts for this, students can be stressful. Finally, another common cause of stress is time management. Almost students in university have to take on a part-time job or work long hours as an employee to cope with their financial problem. They also have to deal with their course at school. This could affect to focus on their studies. Working under time pressure and deadlines of both course’s assignments and their work without time to leisure makes them over stressful. A great way to deal with these problems is to balance time to study, do part-time job and relax with the patience and a lot...
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