What Do You Think About Increasing Juvenile Delinquency. Discuss the Possible Factor Behind This.

Topics: Childhood, Juvenile delinquency, Color Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Juvenile delinquency, a problem that has withered at society for ages, an issue that has acted as a building block for more serious problems and more severe crimes ends the lives of thousands each year; yet, for some reason still manages to be a burden on society after all these years. Children’s future is strictly based on how his/her parents raise him/her, I believe other factors such as the child’s location and environment, along with peer pressure can affect whether or not a child will take place in delinquent behaviors; however, I believe raising a child properly can lead them to handle these situations in an appropriate manner. I believe that if a parent raises a child with strong values and confidence, the odds of delinquent behavior by a juvenile would shrink at a much higher rate, than if you improved any other tangible variable. However, conquering a problem of that magnitude cannot be done by humans alone, the use of technology will be needed. Children really, are a lot like a piece of clay. When you first open the package and look at the piece of clay, it is the same as every other piece of clay; however, some pieces are red, some black, some white, and some blue, but it is still a piece of clay. These colors of clay are similar to the different races among humans; the clay and the humans alike, despite being different colors are all made of the same composition, and all have the potential to become something great. However, these different colors of clay are typically shipped in boxes with only the same color and vary in price. This leaves the more expensive colors to get sent to the artists who have access to the most expensive tools; with the occasional few getting mixed into boxes with different color clays . Hence, despite having numerous causes behind increasing child involvement in illicit works , lack of time and proper moral lessons their parents provide them in their early childhood is the...
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