What Do You Think About How the Media Represents Women in Society?

Topics: Female, Advertising, Sex Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: February 2, 2009
The media tends to represent women in society in a limited number of ways. In a typical TV slot the ads will consist of Males being independent, hard working class men. The women on the other hand are portrayed as carers, nurtures and above all looking after there families. They are always captured behind a stove cooking something for the family with a big cheesy grin on there face. Unlike males, women in advertising only have 3 main categories in which they can be represented. They are Domestic, Sex object and Beauty. Many women are used in advertisements to sell items for the home or body. These products are purposely depicted to enhance one's beauty and by doing this, the woman seems to be more in control of herself and the world around her. The domestic role for females in advertising is one that hurts society more than we think. Women are shown as the only ones who are able to manage the house, as well as children. With these ideas, it is hard for women to be able to have a career as well as a family because they are expected to be perfect at both. A good example of the domestic role of female’s in advertising is the classic Tip Top ads with the famous slogan “Tip Top’s the one good on ya mum” showing an enthusiastic cheerful mother helping her children succeed in the morning with the help of beautiful bread. A further example is the Milo ad, the slogan being “The food drink of future champions”. This shows that the mothers are helping their children to be future champions by staying at home and filling them up with Milo. The Sext Object Role is the most common way that females are depicted in advertising. They are usually passive, subservient to men, and sometimes barely clothed. Some forms of advertising under this role can be seen as degrading to women in general. For example there is an Ad for an Australia wine company. It could easily have been a photo of someone drinking a glass of wine or a photo of the bottle but instead; they have used a...
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