What Do You Get from Cross Culture Understanding in College

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Write down about two pages insights that you learn from CCU lesson!

Cross Culture Understanding (CCU) is the lesson that very importan for student. I agree that, because when I learn about language I have to learn the culture too. Why I learn CCU? Because language and culture can not be separated, and if I go to abroad oneday, I already know some way”s life there to avoid cukture shocked.

As long as I I learn CCU from Prof. Mulyadi, one thing that I have learned is all about my self. I look in my self like look in mirror for building my character better, because if I learn CCU, it means that I learn about people; their ways of life, their seasons, their leisure activities, their communication, their table manner, their shopping, their holiday, their money, even their religion. I leran that life is simple, it based on how I take my life to be where, I choose it and I decide it. I learned for put my self in the highest place untill nobody can hurt me. I learned that Love, Care, and Respect ( Appreciate) to people are really important in my life. If I life with that way, I will enjoy my self and there is no suffering will come.

I learned CCU like mirror, I learnd and look my self to build my character better. I learned that I must be my self, not following the other way’s life. I learned that I fill my life with Love , not with hate, like there was someone told people the bad thing of me, I just smile and took the positive thing. I learned to pick up the maning of all what already happened in my life and take the positive things of all thing that already happened. I learned that I respect my self first and then I can respect the others,love my self first and I can love the others. Not only about to build my character, I also got emotional and spiritual lessons through his real example of life when he explained the lessons. I can took the lesson that whatever things the lessons if it has benefit for me, just take it.

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