What Do You Consider to Be the Most Important Influence on Toyota’s Lean Production Plan?

Topics: Lean manufacturing, Toyota Production System, Kaizen Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: February 24, 2013
What do you consider to be the most important influence on Toyota’s Lean Production plan? (18 marks) Lean production is a manufacturing technique used to enhance efficiency and profitability. Its primary focus is speed of output by waste elimination. Waste is anything that does not add value to the end product. Many industries aside from manufacturing are now adopting lean principles. Lean productions consists of techniques such as Just in time (JIT), Critical path analysis (CPA), Kaizen and Time management Kaizen is a system that concentrates on small, frequent, improvements in every aspect of the production process. The fact that Toyota wants to be the best of the best has had a massive influence on having the company operate with Kaizen, seeing as all they want to do inside the company is to always be continuously improving. As they said in the video Toyota like to set the bar high, reach that target then set new targets. Also with the use of Kaizen it has influenced the company to have the ability to build 3 different model cars in one environment at the same time due to the employees coming up with ideas. The advantages of Toyota having this system is that it’s involving the who staff giving everyone else extra motivation to do their job which would lead to the labor force performing better within their designated role The way that Toyota makes their cars has a big influence on the lean production plan of just in time. Just in time is the method of not having a big storage site but to just order resources a certain time before they are needed. Seeing as the method of production is that the customer places an order of a car with the certain specs they want then Toyota brings in the required resources (parts) 2 hours before to build the car then they make it to the customer’s needs and then it is sold to the customer this influences Toyota to use JIT. The main advantages of this is that it saves a lot of money with storage costs which leads to a higher...
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