What do you believe promotes positive c

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What do you believe promotes positive change?
Positive change comes from the depths of an individual that desires something different to occur within their life.  I began my journey towards positive changes during the end of 2011, when events in my life went on a downward spiral, resulting in me struggling with a long-term diagnosis of severe depression. I found myself not wanting to function and be a contributing member of society, wondering how I would make it to the next minute, hour, day, week, month, and year.  I could not continue within this state of mind and I decided to seek medical attention to alleviate my symptoms, thinking these actions would be a remedy for my bottomless pain.  I sought out chemical solutions from my HMO’s Psychiatrist on staff, which provided me with numerous medications to get me back to feeling “NORMAL.”  But to no avail, none of the medications worked to reduce my symptoms of hopelessness and despair, which became more prevalent with each new medication trial. Finally the Psychiatrist referred me to a Counselor to help me work through my feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, and sadness; along with my medications. This began my journey to positive change. Intervention (Level 1)

Working with a Counselor helped me to begin seeing a speck of light at the end of a very dark and dreary tunnel, which was my life… I was very lucky to receive the services of a Counselor that was attentive and focused on my thoughts and emotions as I struggled through this difficult time in my life. My Counselor introduced me to a treatment plan that centered on the development of a self directed recovery plan called WRAP, which is a Wellness Recovery Action Plan.  Wellness Recovery Action Planning is a structured system for monitoring uncomfortable and distressing feelings, and behaviors. I developed a wellness toolbox that aided me during the dark times of my deep depression.  I would listen to music that I choose to help me focus on the positive...

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