What Do Women Really Want?

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What Do Women Really Want?
"Women, can't live with them, can't live without them." Wise words indeed women can be confusing creatures to the likes of us men. Sometimes it feels like we would be better off without them. Than we wake up and slowly realize that without women we would not be where we are today. Women to put it simply are way more complicated than us guys so how can we hope to understand them. We Start by figuring out and understanding what they want the most. Women can be complicated and there are so many different types and they all want different things so it can confusing figuring them out. However the average woman wants respect, equality, love, and money. So let's start out with respect because it is properly the easiest one of the four to give. So what is respect the definition describes it as having a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something but it can much simpler things. Respect can be many different things ranging from simple small acts of kindness to bigger acts of generosity. ”That's if I cared in to, in a day or two, if I were shown more courtesy by you". Women want respect in the same way men want respect they like being treated fairly and nicely by people. So how do you give a woman respect it can be easy you don't even have to know them respect can be given to a complete stranger. All you have to do is treat them kindly if they want to talk listen them, if they need help offer assistance, and always have a smile remember your manners. Equality now this one is the tricky one. Equality means equal women just want to have the same opportunities and rights that men have. They want to be able to get the same job as a man and not be paid any less just because they are female. Women don't want to be looked down on just...
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