What Do We Learn About Nora in Act One of a Doll's House and How Is Our Knowledge and Understanding of Her Deepened Through the Staging and Dramatic Affects?

Topics: The Stage Pages: 4 (1535 words) Published: October 4, 2010
The beginning of Act one reveals an affluent family we learn this by the stage directions, “a comfortably and tastefully, but not expensively furbished room.” This gives us an insight on how our characters live and sets the scene of the performance ahead. The play portrays a very loving relationship between two couples, Nora and Torvald. We see how they playfully interact with each other, Nora acting as Torvald’s “doll” with her meek and obedient nature where Torvald plays a more dominant leading roll, this is a presumption I have made based on the way Nora responds to Torvald, “ Very well, Torvald. As you say.” This shows how she obeys Torvald her “master”. The play commences with Nora the plays protagonist. Our first encounter allows us to believe she is a very generous character, as she allows the porter to keep the change from a pound whereas his fee was a mere shilling. This is surprising as in the Victorian times the period in which the play was set, money played a major issue within society as it attributed your fate in terms of whether you were to live an easy or hard life. We also acknowledge Nora’s playful and happy character as the stage direction depicts, “she continues to laugh happily to herself”. With reference to the stage directions we also sense Nora’s mischievousness as “she takes from her pocket a bag containing macaroons and eats a couple. Then she tiptoes across and listens at her husbands door”, she then, later “pops the bag of macaroons in her pocket and wipes her mouth” We can relate to this occurrence when Torvald questions Nora on whether or not she has been “indulging herself in town” or has had a “nibble at a macaroon”. From this we realise Nora is trying to hide the fact she had eaten a macaroon wiping her mouth in order to leave no evidence. It leads us to begin to question that if they are such an innocent, playful and harmonious couple why should Nora have to lie about something so trivial? This is very significant as it...
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