What Do These Texts Say About Language Change

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What do these texts say about how language changes?
All 3 texts have the same purpose however they are all from different time periods therefore have different audiences which is linked to the language changes. For example the text on how “to make a currey the India way” as the audience are women who maybe do this as a profession chefs and middle class people. There are certain lexical terms used. “The art of cookery made plain and easy.” Using the term “Art” makes the recipe seem sophisticated like cookery is an art piece it shows you the creativity about cooking, there is one type. Whereas compared to text B “A plain cookery book for the working classes” the word “plain” shows you its simplicity in cooking as there is more than one type. Whereas in now days modern recipe you wouldn’t find this term used as much because now people want something simple and easy ,something that is less time consuming. Another significant change throughout this text would be the pronunciation “fmall” “ftew” “fmooth” in this time period of 1747 the letter S did not exist so it was pronounced with the letter f. As to now those words are replaced with the letter S making them into stew smooth and small this tells you how overtime the pronunciation of words have changed the way language is spoken. “Fresh butter about as big as a large walnut” this shows you the changes of language about measurement. In 1747 there was no specific lexical terms for measurements as to now we have millimetres, ounces and grams however then you could only compare something that is similar (the idea of familiarity. However the same thing could be said about that time period and now. As you now don’t get fresh walnuts in its shell. As everything in modern society is pre-done for people. This idea can be linked to the ideological change in society therefore language changes too. This also could be said about text A when compared to text C. Text A “If the sauce...
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