"What Do Someone's Eyes Indicate About His or Her Personality?

Topics: Eye, Visual perception, English-language films Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: January 19, 2012
"What do someone's eyes indicate about his or her personality?" Personality consists of a wide variety of attributes and traits; therefore I do not believe that a personality can be determined merely by looking at someone’s eyes. However, there is a component of body language, which is a manifestation of your inner feelings...Most everyone knows the fact that personality can also be learned. For example, a person who learns to be shy due to experience, customs, culture may exhibit a downward gaze. A confident person may exhibit a straight-forward look and be more reassured. The bottom line is that eye contact could reveal a person's personality, moods, emotions, farther reactions. Etc. Most people make eye contact in some way, I've never had much of an issue with it nor used it to make judgments about people unless one is either so shy or maladaptive that they cannot look someone in the eye or face to face and divert their eyes away, upward or downward while speaking which sends out a warning signal about a personality issue, and I'm not speaking about cultural differences of showing respect by keeping the eyes somewhat lowered. The ones I speak of cannot speak directly to you. But have you ever encountered those with lazy eye or wandering eye where their eyes go in opposite directions and they cannot help it? They are looking at you but their eyes wander off and it’s a disability they cannot help. Some people have an evil eye, have you noticed? When they are trying to scam you or pull something over on you? What about laughing eyes? When there is so much joy inside a person it just exudes from their eyes. Eyes are very expressive. You cannot mistake sad eyes and know someone is suffering but trying to put on a good front. Darting eyes are nervous eyes, suspicious eyes, why is this person checking everything out? And have you seem the look in the eyes of a person who temporarily spaces out and you know they have left the scene is gone? These are a few things...
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